Scrapper with a Wanderlust

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scary territory for me....I have just started a blog!  Unbelievable!  All of my internet browsing, reading crafters blogs, and watching videos on youtube about cardmaking has led me to this point.  I'm just getting started on a new venture in paper crafting: making cards for military personnel with "Operation Write Home" (OWH).  And as I look at their "OWH" program and the sites of many of the members, it appears they all have blogs where they post the cards they have made and the card sketch challenges they are participating in.

So, that has now led me to start a blog of my own!  Those who know me know that I absolutely  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel.  I found out that Sagittarians (like me!) commonly "have the wanderlust" which is German for the strong desire or compulsion to wander or travel.  That's me!  So, the name of this blog is aptly *I think* named "Scrapper with a Wanderlust" and I'm Penny.   If anyone ever reads this, I would like to say "thank you" and I want you to know that once I get this somewhat figured out, I will post pictures of the first cards I have made for OWH.

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Velda said...

Welcome to the blogging world and welcome to OWH. Glad to have you aboard.