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Monday, July 30, 2012

New cards from a couple of days ago~~~

I worked concessions at the Salt Dogs baseball games this weekend with my daughter to fund raise for the Cheer Leading trip to the Alamo Bowl.  Because of that, I didn't have a chance to get these new cards on here.   I really love how the "LOVE" cards came out (I made 3 of these same cards).  I used my cricut Lacy Labels cartridge to die cut the "LOVE" part, added some distress inks (Tim Holtz, either tumbled glass or broken china---can't remember!), used my Texture Boutique with the Swiss Dots embossing folder, prima flowers with blue Dazzles from Paper Wishes in the centers, and ribbon from my stash! 

Looks like this guy wants in on some card making action!  This is one of our two cats, Gizmo, all splayed out across my little crafting table!  He's the fluffiest and softest can you will ever know.  Love him, and his sister, Sissy!  (I'll do a pic of her sometime soon).   Thanks for looking and sharing any comments you might have!  I'm looking for advice on how to pack up my cards to ship off for the first time to OWH.  I have about 40 cards now, and hope to add a few more today.....


NancyJB said...

Great card. Love the colors and the LOVE is super. Also love you cat. Reminds me of one we had.
On shipping the cards: I stamp and tuck the cards then I sort them into categories and cut strips of paper to wrap the individual categories, write on the strip what it is such as general, birthday, etc., wrap the strip around the individual group of cards and tape the strip together. I usually either use a priority box from the post office or something I have around the house like a shoe box. Then I take a piece of bubble wrap and line the box with it, add the cards and wrap the bubble wrap over the cards. I then place my packing slip, a piece of paper with the shippers address on it and any "ANY Hero cards" and donations into a zip lock bag on top of the bubble wrap. (I add the shippers address inside just in case something happens to the outside label so that the post office can find who to ship to. my own OCD )
You can also use newspaper or such to pad the cards. Just don't use styrofoam or styrofoam peanuts. Sandy said that they really make a mess and require lots of clean up of the cards. Hope this helps.

Ann said...

I LOVE your "LOVE" cards! We do a monthly cardmaking party, so I always ship using USPS flat rate boxes. I put as many cards as I possibly can get in there, and I try to fill the top with AnyHero mail. (I recruit local daycares do coloring sheets.) I sort them and use a post it note as a "divider". Then add my packing slip and done. It's best if you can sort them, general, miss you, birthday, etc.and like Nancy said, please don't use styrofoam or packing peanuts.

Susan Marie said...

I love the embossing, it really seems to pop!

hotrodguitar said...

How do you get all those cards made with that "fuzzball" cat laying on top of everything? ;)
Nice cards!

Penny L. said...

Thank you, NancyJB, Ann, and Susan for taking time to check out the card and post the nice comments. I appreciate the great explanations on packing the cards. I already have them in differing piles (love, thank you, etc.) but appreciate the ideas on separating and marking them and how to pack them.

Rod: fuzzball does like to be front and center, doesn't he??! Silly boy!