Scrapper with a Wanderlust

Monday, November 5, 2012

A special gift for my sweet Alli

So, since I "kinda" already know how to create cards and scrapbook layouts, I tried my hand at something completely new, something I had no idea how to create but something that would involve using my own creativity, as a special gift for my daughter Allison (Alli) on her birthday.  This was a completely unassembled, unfinished writing desk from Kaisercraft.  It started out as something like this, except completely unassembled with loose pieces in a bag: 
Over the course of many hours, a few days, and a couple of weeks, I ended up creating this for her: 
(I wish you could see the dimension and texture on the top....but it's hard for me to capture that with my limited photography skills!)

I had fun making it, and Alli is always is one of my biggest fans when it comes to things I've created, so I thought it fitting to make something just for her, to keep, to display, to hold her cherished "things" whether they be letters, pictures, and/or other treasures that she picks up along the way in her glorious life.